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Water Delivery Service
Crystal Valley Mineral Water
Auckland Deliveries 

Crystal Valley Mineral Water can now be delivered to your home/workplace in the Auckland area.

Contact: Crystal Valley-Auckland

Tel: 021 980 986

Zero Waste      

Crystal Valley Mineral Water is supplied in 10 litre containers. The containers have their own taps; you simply put the container on your kitchen bench and refill your glasses, jugs or water bottles as required. Using these durable, long-lasting containers you are making a positive contribution to reducing waste.

No costly rental charges, which is often the case, with energy-expensive water coolers.

Delivery is every fortnight so, depending on household usage you may decide to have one or more extra containers than you expect to use so that you never run short. We will contact you the day before delivery to see if you would like a fill.

The first time you buy Crystal Valley Mineral Water, you will need to purchase an appropriate number of containers.

Free Trial

If you would like to experience the taste of Crystal Valley Mineral Water, please give us a call and we will deliver to you a 10 litre container of water for free!

We only need a $20.00 bond on the container. This bond will be refunded to you if you decide not to buy Crystal Valley Mineral Water and you return the container to us within 4 weeks of receiving the free trial. (This free trial offer is available for a limited time only)


Our basic unit price is $12.50 for a 10L fill. Minimum delivery is 20L.

Deliveries are made once every two weeks to each area, in and around the Auckland metropolitan area, from Papakura to Browns Bay to Swanson. If you live outside this area, please contact Jerry to discuss options.


To place an order, obtain a quote, or for more information on either the free trial offer or the delivery dates in your area, please phone Jerry on 021 980 986 or e-mail to