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Our Technical Info & Test Results

At Crystal Valley Mineral Water, we maintain a constant regime of monitoring to ensure the quality of our water is maintained.
We not only test at the source but also regularly test water that has been delivered to our clients to ensure transportation has not impacted on quality.

Many people today are buying mineral supplements. Unfortunately, if the minerals are not obtained in a natural form, up to 95% of the minerals ingested pass straight through the body.

Even if you do not drink water on its own, you benefit by using Crystal Valley Mineral Water in your tea and coffee. Passing any tap or other water through a filter system does not make pure mineral water.

Crystal Valley Mineral Water contains naturally occurring substances that aid digestion in addition to the health benefits to be gained from the minerals present.

With a sustained flow of over 350,000 litres per day in the original Andesite Strata, Crystal Valley Mineral Water has all the makings to be a world leading mineral water. No artificial additives – 100% pure.

The naturally formed content of Crystal Valley Mineral Water water consist of the following:

Calcium 39 milligrams per litre, 
Magnesium 31 milligrams per litre
Sulphate 34 milligrams per litre, 
Sodium 51 milligrams per litre
Chloride 112 milligrams per litre
Potassium 3.8 milligrams per litre
Silica 64 milligrams per litre
Nitrate 7.1 milligrams per litre
PH Level 6.9

Check this list out against the water you are drinking now.